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Chicken Curry Cut With Skin

Chicken Curry Cut With Skin

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No. of pieces: 10-16 Serves: 4


We know that you love our juicy chicken cuts, but did you know that it's the skin of the chicken that makes them so tasty?

Our skin-on pieces of chicken contain a cut like a leg and a wing, with an extra wing tip thrown in for good measure. These small, tender pieces of poultry are ideal for curries and stews. The skin holds moisture right under the surface, making juicier meat that's more flavorful than ever.

Now imagine if those gorgeous pink and white pieces of juicy goodness were nothing but the skin alone—that would be magic! The skin itself is infused with salt and spices to help it crisp up beautifully on the grill or in your oven—and you won't have to add any additional salt while marinating them or coat them with breading before cooking.

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