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Goat Liver Chunks

Goat Liver Chunks

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No. of pieces: 14-16 Serves: 4


If you're a fan of mutton liver, you've probably heard it referred to as "Kaleji." No, it's not a new form of kale (although, if we could get our hands on some kale, we would). It's actually just another name for mutton liver.

But what makes this cut of meat so special? Mutton liver is rich and flavorful—it's best enjoyed in simple preparations like sauteed liver and onions, spicy kaleji fry, or Moroccan fried liver. You can even make your own!

It's best cooked on the stove or in the oven until it's done and light pink in the center. Don't overcook it—you want it to be soft enough to cut with a fork but still firm enough that it won't fall apart when you try to eat it.

You'll love how tender this meat is! And don't worry: It doesn't contain any antibiotics—and neither do we!

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