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Goat Meat Curry Cut

Goat Meat Curry Cut

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No. of pieces: 12-18 Serves: 3-4


You've never had mutton like this.

Tender, juicy, expertly cut mutton pieces that are clean and ready to go straight from the pack to the pan—this is how you make the perfect mutton curries. This pack has everything you need: bone-in and boneless pieces, along with 2-3 Nalli pieces too. This versatile cut becomes succulent when cooked, so it's perfect for a variety of dishes. Pan-fry them, make a stew or curry—your choice! These pieces make for delicious mutton do pyaza (a marinated mutton dish), which is made with curd and spices; a mutton roast with tangy and spicy flavors; or something as simple as chettinad mutton curry, a spicy mutton curry.

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