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Goat Ribs Chops

Goat Ribs Chops

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No. of pieces: 7-9 Serves: 4


Goat ribs and chops are some of the most versatile cuts of meat available. They're great for grilling and barbecuing, but they can also be chopped into chunks and added to stews, curries and soups. Goat ribs and chops are rich in protein and minerals, making them an excellent choice for people who are looking to increase their intake of these nutrients.

Goat Ribs and Chops are mainly cut from the rack of the Goat, which is the upper center part of the goat's body. The package also includes cuts from the shoulders, ribs and loins. Mutton Chops are T-bone steaks that give you tender meat once cooked evenly. Goat Ribs and Chops are strong in flavour and tender in texture. These are also the fattier cuts of the Goat. Rich in proteins and minerals, Goat Ribs and Chops are an excellent choice for barbecuing or making a curry. Buy Goat Ribs and Chops online from ChickenWay today!

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