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Sabut Garam Masala

Sabut Garam Masala

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Prepared with all natural ingredients and handpicked with utmost care, our Sabut Meat Masala undergoes international processing standards with no artificial flavours maintaining the wholesome freshness of spices.

Meats, of all kinds, when prepared in the right way are the highlights of any dinner, get together and party. Rich in antioxidants, and high in proteins and vitamins, they are equally delectable when prepared as a dry snack, dish or in a luscious gravy. Whether you opt for mutton or chicken, they are loved all across the globe in many variations.

In Indian, we relish our localized recipes including lamb curry, mutton curry, mutton keema, rogan josh, mutton galouti kebabs and the list goes on. However, what brings out the flawless flavours is the right balance of spices. A perfect combination of spices by ChickenWay in form of Sabut Khada Masala can take you on a great epicurean ride with any delicacy. A blend of numerous spices, our meat masala is a bag full of nutritional values. In addition, when consumed along with the right portions of lamb and pork, the overall delicacy makes for an extremely healthy as well as satiating meal. Use it as dry marinating rub or mix it will a base or infuse it in gravy, its richness of flavours is unparalleled.

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